Friday, July 17, 2009

Uncovering the Best of the Khao San Road-hotel

Although you may have yet to visit Bangkok, the chances are you've heard of the Khao San Road. Famously described by the popular book 'The Beach' as the centre of the backpacking universe, the Khao San Road is one of the most exciting travel destinations on the planet. Whether backpacking or relaxing in a luxury hotel, curiosity always manages to pull travellers into the most famous section of Thailand's largest city. Only a few decades ago, the Khao San Road was a quiet residential neighbourhood in Bangkok. In 1982, as Thailand was growing in popularity as a travel destination, the government launched a festival to celebrate the Buddhist calendar's lucky year of 2525. The promotion was so successful that tourists came from all over the world to partake in the Buddhist celebration. In fact, all of the hotels within the city were overflowing and many visitors were having to be turned away without accommodation. Not wanting to be without accommodation for the night, some tourists went knocking on the doors of locals trying to convince them to rent a room for the night. For the residents, the potential to earn money was too much to refuse and before long a number of guest houses and other accommodation services had been established along the Khao San Road. Today, the Khao San Road is a one kilometre Mecca for travellers. Offering everything a tourist could ever need including accommodation, bars, market stalls and much more beyond, the Khao San Road is one of Bangkok's most popular tourist destinations. Located in the Banglamphu district, roughly a kilometre from the Grand Palace, the neighbourhood's familiarity with western culture has made it popular with travellers looking to explore the rest of the city, and Thailand. Taking advantage of the large number of tourists staying here, it is good to know that finding transportation to nearby attractions is never difficult. Indeed, for those wishing to venture outside of Thailand and into Cambodia or Vietnam, it is relatively easy to organise. After hours, life continues on in this popular Thailand district with many bars and clubs staying open all night - popular with locals and tourists alike, the glowing lights of the neon surroundings attract many people. From quiet bars to crowded clubs, this area has something to offer everyone and no trip to the Khao San Road is complete without uncovering some of its most famous nightlife spots. Spurred on by the growing number of flights to Bangkok, the Khao San Road is quickly becoming one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. From a quiet neighbourhood with a few spare rooms, the area has evolved into one of the most popular travel destinations on the globe.

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