Friday, July 17, 2009

"My Airfare Secrets" - A Wonderful Guide On How To Save On Airfare-hotel

Internet is a remarkable place where you can find all sorts of things. "My Airfare Secrets" is one such thing. This is an amazing guide that can help you save hundreds of dollars on airfare, hotel and car bookings. If you are planning a vacation, you should get your hands on this guide and see for yourself how much you can save. Written By The guide has been written by Tony Morrison, who worked as a travel agent for a major airline for 16 years. This guide contains some of the best kept secrets of the travel industry. These secrets are so amazing that the author of the guide has been threatened with legal action by big airline corporations. Save On Airfares So what exactly does this guide contain? This guide basically tells us how we can save hundreds on dollars on airfare. The guide provides tips about how you can save an amazing 80% on your air ticket. This sounds hard to believe, but the testimonials provide proof towards this claim. The guide reveals amazing secrets about buying tickets online. When you buy this guide you will learn how to manipulate the airline's ticket pricing computer system and get thousands of dollars worth of discounts. Plus, Mr. Morrison reveals secrets about how to get free vouchers. International Travelers Those who travel internationally will find this guide helpful, because it contains wonderful tips about how to save hundreds of dollars in airfare. In fact, the author claims that you can save 75% on your international airfare with his wonderful secret. All the information in this guide about airfare is guaranteed to provide you with a very powerful bargaining tool. One thing is for sure - you will never be overcharged by the airline industry after you read this guide. Some Secrets This guide is mine house of amazing secrets. Here is a list of some of them: * Specific days of the week when you will receive heavy discounted tickets.* During certain time of the day you can find amazingly low priced tickets online.* How you can save hundreds of dollars on your airfare by exploiting a bug in the search engines of major airline websites.* How to make the airline sell you 254 vacation packages for the price of $1.* How you can save hundreds of dollars when traveling with a child.* You can get an additional 5% off your ticket by just calling at a specific time in a day.* Getting free lodging at airports around the world. * Secrets about first-class airfare that can help you save hundreds of dollars.* If you book your flight on specific dates, you can travel for free. The guide contains these secrets and hundreds of other secrets that will really surprise you. The guide does not just stop at airfares. The guide also provides helpful information about how to save on cruises, hotels and car bookings. The guide contains a dirty secret about how you can save 50% on your hotel stay if you mention a certain situation to the management. It also reveals how you can get a free upgrade on your hotel suite. The guide has helped hundreds of thousands of people save extensively on their airfare, cruises and hotel bookings. Priced at just $24.95, this is a very small price to pay for all the wonderful secrets revealed in the guide.

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