Friday, July 17, 2009

Human Recources Management Tips For Hotels-hotel

The hotel business is one of the most cut throat and competitive businesses in the world. Usually the human resources manager has his or her hands full all the time because of employee complaints and a very high turnover rate. However, there are a few human resources management tips for hotels that can eliminate some of the problems that plague most hotel human resources managers. Since one of the biggest problems that a human resources manager in the hotel industry faces is the issue of employee retention, many of the tips address that issue.
The first tip revolves around choosing the right person for each job. Choosing the right person for each job can be one of the hardest tasks of the human resources manager. In many cases only people will low skill levels apply to many of the jobs offered in a hotel. It is the job of the human resources manager to make sure that the person chosen for the job will do it correctly and have staying power. This can be done through the interview process. With the right questions each applicant's answers will reflect how they feel about the job.
One of the most important human resources management tips for hotels is to make sure that each employee enjoys working in the hotel and that they have all of the training and supplies that they need to complete their job effectively. One of the biggest complaints among hotel staff members is that they are required to do too many jobs that they do not have the training or tools to do it with. The human resources manager that takes the time and money to train employees and equip them properly will have a much higher retention rate.
Another part to the human resources management tips for hotels is to follow up on the jobs that the employees do. Providing performance reviews and incentive programs will go a long way into making the hotel experience better for both customers and employees. If the employee knows he or she will get a benefit from doing excellent work then they will be more likely to perform at a higher level.
Another great tip for the human resources manager is to have a lot of positive reinforcement. If they employees feel they are in a friendly environment, then they will produce better work. Everyone likes to be noticed when they do a good job so catching employees doing their jobs properly is an important part of being a human resources manager. This is also very important in the hotel business because customers can always tell the tone of the staff. If they see happy staff members the customers will be more likely to return to the hotel.
Another aspect to the human resources management tips for hotels is to implement a clear progression plan that employees can use to advance in rank and salary at the hotel. If employees feel they will be stuck in the same job and pay grade throughout their time at the hotel then they will move on to another hotel or business to increase their salaries and duties. If there is a clear advancement program in place at the hotel that they already work in then they will be more likely to stay at the place they already work.
Perhaps the most important thing for a human resources manager in the hotel business to do is to lead through example. If employees see the human resources department taking short cuts and doing poor work then the rest of the staff will reduce their quality of work as well. However, if they see the human resources department working hard and providing the best quality of service that they can then the employees will improve their work as well.
All of these human resources management tips for hotels will provide a basis to use as a springboard to increase the productivity in your hotel. Follow these tips and you will soon see an increase in the mood and service level of your hotel. The human resources position at any hotel is one of the most important jobs in the hotel, so it is very important that it is run professionally and well.


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