Friday, July 17, 2009

"Mind the gap" on hotel rates - Travel & save in Europe's "superstars" Rome, Paris, Madrid & London-hotel

Saving money with low-cost hotels in Europe's "superstar" cities - Clients who book with can visit Rome's classic Colosseum or the timeless Eiffel tower in Paris with the money they save on the hotel.
Barcelona, 11 December, 2008 - Thanks to Ryanair, EasyJet, Skyeurope, and other low-cost carriers, cheap travel is "en vogue". Accommodation from budgetplaces.comcompletes the deal: Centrally located in the most exciting cities in Europe, the hotels, hostels, apartments and B&Bs listed on budgetplaces.comhave a target price of 30 euros per person per night. Compared to the average daily rate (ADR) for European hotels of 58 euros, every guest saves 28 euros per night- a saving which could surely pay for some entertainment in Europe's classic cities of superlatives -Rome, Paris, Madrid and London.
"The Historic City" - Almost 3,000 years of history justify Rome's reputation as Europe's "Eternal City". With 3.3m inhabitants, the Italian capital has figured amongst the biggest cities of the "Old World" up until today. A visit to the Colosseum (entry 9€) is unforgettable. Strictly speaking not part of Rome, yet inseparably connected to the city: the Vatican, smallest city state in the world (museum: 14€). A relaxing minute's break (literally!) with the locals is best enjoyed in one of the numerous bars where a typically Italian "Espresso" usually costs less than 1€. Young Romans like to go out in the "Trastevere" quarter, where unpretentious evening bars are lined up and "eternal party" seems to be the motto.
"The Elegant City"- The epitome of beauty and style among Europe's mega cities would be Paris, yet another destination where travellers can save with With nearly 12m inhabitants, the "région parisienne" is agglomeration number 4. Sparkling highlight and emblematic of the city: the 324 meters high Eiffel tower (12€). Maybe not as famous is the "Grand Arche", the modern counterpart to the "Arc de Triomphe": Located in the middle of the business disctrict "La Défense", it offers an amazing view over the "City of Lights". The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world (from 6€) where da Vinci's world famous "Mona Lisa" keeps on smiling at visitors… "The Latenight City" - If Madridis called that, this reflects the undimmed lust for life of the 5.2m "Madrileños". Madrid's "Movida" today stands for nightlife which never stops and which attracts locals and tourists alike. An absolute must is dropping into one of the countless Tapas-bars, where the Spanish really celebrate their leisure time (e.g. "El Tigre" - beer+tapa from 1€). Madrid hosts a range of world class museums, first amongst them the Museo del Prado, where works from Titian and Albrecht Dürer are on display (6€). Not a classical museum, but a true insider hint for foodies: the Museo del Jamón (ham-museum), great for a snack in between more traditional attractions (4€). A great view from above of the "Spanish big apple" can be had from Madrid's "lighthouse", the Faro de Moncloa (1.50€).
"The Cosmopolitan City" - trend-setting when it comes to lifestyle, and a centre of business and finance: Londonis the superstar among Europe's "big ones". An estimated 14m inhabitants make the capital of Great Britain the most populated amongst the "grand cities". Impressive symbol of the new millennium: the "London Eye", Europe's biggest Ferris wheel (about 16£ per ride). Nothing less then amazing: the collection of the National Gallery, where masterpieces by Michelangelo, van Gogh or Titian are waiting for you. Although the British kitchen may be struggling with image problems - the variety of cuisine available throughout the city, from African to Indian, from Thai to Italian, more than makes up for this.
By booking with, an average stay of three nights for two people results in a saving of 168€ compared to the average daily rate (ADR) for European hotels - Money that travellers can spend on the fun!

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