Friday, July 17, 2009

Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong-hotel

voteWith the onset of the Chinese New Year, Hong Kong readies itself to make it better than the last. Street adorned with red lanterns and merriment all around, the New Year dawns on people as they wait with smiles on their faces.
As the New Year arrives, flock to the street of Hong Kong to view the procession of colourful street performers as they dance in vibrant costumes. Watch the Lion Dances and Dragon Dance creeping through the streets, and even indulge in delicious delights at the hoards of street food vendors waiting to serve visitors dumplings, sticky rice cake, spring rolls and more.

The Chinese New Year is said to have been originated in conjunction with the end-of-harvest celebrations. This practice was only formalised during the Han Dynasty. However, Hong Kong has come a long way since the rule of the Han Dynasty, and thereby the traditions have respectively evolved. New traditions that surround the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong include the city shops shutting down for two days prior to the New Year; adorning the city in bright colours in the form of red ribbons and vibrant flowers; visiting the temple at the onset of the New Year; gift giving; and spending time with family and relatives.

Take time to indulge in the spectacular celebrations of the Chinese New Year while staying at a Hong Kong hotel and view the fireworks as you sip on a glass of champagne. The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Hong Kong ensures a comfortable stay to guest with cosy rooms couple with quality amenities.

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